Snow Removal

Why is it important to hire for snow removal?

There are a good number of reasons why you should have a company for snow removal, but the most important of course is for the protection of your employees, customers, clients, or even your own family members.

We know that the most convenient option is to do it on your own, but we know you have obligations that require your attention, and protecting your customers from snow should never be a part of them. Show your staff and clients that they are important to you and leave that dirty work to A Plus, a trusted company.

Professional snow removal and snow plowing include:

  • Truck Plowing
  • Side Walk Clearing
  • Salting
  • Ice Control Services
  • Hand Shovelling

What’s the A Plus promise to you?

A Plus Cleaning will NEVER take on more than it can handle and that the company will ALWAYS give every job you assign the attention that it deserves.


What types of places we clear:

  • Residential Parking Lots
  • Retirement Homes
  • Business Parking Lots
  • Residential and Commercial Side Walks


Contact us directly to obtain a snow removal program specially tailored for you!