Window Cleaning

Why to consider us for your window cleaning?

Well, most of our window cleaning expertise comes from our long experience in the post construction cleaning service. We know what it takes to ensure customer satisfaction along with the safety of the crew. Our workers are trained not only in the techniques that this type of cleaning demands, but also in safety and work procedures which also includes the security of the building and its occupants.

Our experts can guide you about the techniques, tools, and materials that your project needs:

In some cases, where applicators such as squeegees or water fed tucker poles can’t do it all; our hand cleaning techniques come to play. Hand rubbing has its own details too, stroke marks over a new installed window can ruin the whole project and that’s where our long expertise in this business comes to play.

Everything is considered in your time booked:

From the preparation to the time we leave. Making sure we are leaving the place exactly as we found it. No mess behind.  The window sills, tracks and trims get hand wiped as a PLUS.

Types of window cleaning for both Residential and Commercial:

  • High rising windows
  • Leaded & bevelled glass
  • Roof glass and awnings
  • Retail windows
  • Skylights
  • Glass patio covers
  • Balcony Railings (inside & outside)
  • Lobby glasses
  • Commercial cluster glass
  • Small heritage windows